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Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2017

Eclipse Glasses Sold Out

We had a limited number of eclipse glasses that we purchased and sold at-cost to library patrons. The glasses sold out on Tuesday, August 15 at around 4:30pm.

Eclipse Viewing Party – Monday, August 21

The big day is coming up soon on Monday!! It looks like rain, so let’s hope it comes later in the afternoon after the eclipse! Remember we only have 100 pairs of eclipse glasses to distribute. We have made a variety of pinhole boxes this afternoon, and they are actually pretty cool! So we challenge you to make a pinhole box this weekend and bring it with you on Monday JUST IN CASE you don’t end up being the first 100 in line for the glasses! You can make them out of virtually any box (shoebox, pizza box, cereal box, moving box), some aluminum foil, and maybe a little duct tape to block out unwanted sun. There are tons of tutorials online! Try out your pinhole box on a sunny day this weekend and you’ll get a feel for how they work. Honestly, they are really neat, and less concern for improper use when children are viewing the eclipse! Glasses will be distributed at 12:45. You can stand in line earlier if you’d like (North side of building, in Patrons Park). Children ages 3 and under are not eligible for eclipse glasses.

August Reading – Aug 1-31st

August Reading (for children 0-18) runs August 1-31. Pick up a reading record at the library, or print one HERE. Read 10 hours, get a scratch off card for a prize. Bobbleheads, and coupons to Noodles, Kwik Trip pizza, and Culver’s are some of the things you could win!

Supply Drive – August 1-31st

Family Scavenger Hunt Winners!

Imagine the Pastabilities!

We are “Building a Better World” at the library by building a wall of pasta that we’ll donate to the Full Shelf Food Pantry at the end of the summer! Bring in any size or shape of pasta (or food that goes w/ pasta like tuna, canned veggies, or sauce) and see how big our wall gets by the end of summer!