Reader’s Corner


Darci’s Pick – Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Philip H. Knight  
This is very interesting and a fun read. Not dry!
Terika’s Pick – Elephant and Piggie Series by Various Authors 
For those of you who sad that Mo Willems stopped writing the Elephant and Piggie books, there is a new series called “Elephant and Piggie Like Reading!” written by various authors, with a similar type of format and humor. The first two are We Are Growing (2016) and The Cookie Fiasco (2016). We own several copies in the children’s department!
Bea’s Pick – The Rain Sparrow by Linda Goodnight 
A well-known writer comes to a small town in Tennessee to do research for his book. While at a small town inn, he has dreams from 150 years ago so vivid he fears he is losing his mind. What is going on? He may also find love.
Sara’s Pick – Little Nothing by Marisa Silver 
I just started this, but it is an interesting and almost mystical look at a little girl born into a family as a dwarf and how their Old World town perceives her. It is a different story, but I am liking it!
Susan’s Pick – I Let You Go by Claire Mackintosh
This is an amazing psychological thriller filled with compelling characters, an emotional storyline, and exquisite twists and turns. The audiobook is fantastic! Also, the author spent 12 years in the U.K. police force!