Read with Rover

What do you get when you bring children, dogs and books together? You get happy, confident children who love to read! It’s simple, it’s fun, and it works!

The West Bend Library partners with the Washington County Humane Society to put on this program, which provides a weekly opportunity for kids to read aloud to trained dogs. Our canine friends listen patiently and without judgment for 15 minutes.

Sign your independently-reading child up for a 15-minute time slot!

1. In person at the Information Desk.
2. Call the Information Desk at 262-335-5151 x 5246
3. Email Hannah at
***If you register via phone or email, a parent or guardian MUST sign the permission sheet before a child will be allowed to read with the dog.***

During the school year, Read with Rover happens every Monday afternoon, with appointments at 3:00, 3:15, 3:30, 3:45, 4:00 & 4:15.

If you sign up for an appointment but need to cancel for any reason, please call us at 262-335-5151 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so another child can enjoy this fun opportunity. No call/no shows may result in elimination from future sessions, but we would rather you just let us know!

Meet Our Dogs:

TotoHi!  I am a Basset Hound and my name is Toto. They called me that because I am from Kansas like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz.  I was born in 2004 and lived in a driveway until I was rescued by my forever dad, Mike, when I was 5 weeks old. He brought me back to Wisconsin to live with him and my forever mom, June.  I attended puppy classes at WCHS (Washington County Humane Society) and, although I was not the star of the class, I did pass and I still use what I learned every day.  My favorite game while growing up was unstuffing my toys and making a mess.  In early 2013, I developed glaucoma and have since lost both eyes so I am completely blind.  That didn’t stop me. I passed my Pet Partner exams and mom and I became a certified pet therapy team.  We work as volunteers in hospices and schools through Health Heelers.  My hearing and sniffer are better than ever and I can find you even if I can’t see you. I started Reading with Rover in January of 2016, and I’m loving it!

Buster: My family thinks I’m a westie-poo, which is a mix of a West Highland White Terrier and a Poodle. My owner was helping out at an animal rescue and chose to foster me! My family fell in love with me and ended up adopting me. Dad said I looked like a Buster, so that’s how I got my name. I have always been a laid back dog. I live with two other dogs who are Gordon Setters… they are NOT laid back, but we still get along! I passed my Canine Good Citizen Test and the test from Therapy Dogs International, so I am a certified therapy dog! Sometimes I go to Cedar Lake and visit the people there. I LOVE to go on walks! Mom (her name is Mary, that’s her in the picture) takes me and the Gordons for a walk every morning. Sometimes we go looking for birds. I also love to play fetch with my favorite blue ball, and to play hide and seek. My very favorite thing in the whole world is EATING. When my family opens the door to get my dog food, I run, twirl, and jump, I get so excited. Mealtime is the happiest time in the world! I get treats, too, but not as many as I would like. I also love vegetables. We love the Read with Rover program, where children and dogs can bond together over a shared story!

Libby: I am an English Cream Golden Retriever who has been doing the Read with Rover program since December 2014. I am a registered therapy dog with Pets Helping People. I love all people, but I’m especially fond of children, so Read with Rover is right up my alley. Sometimes the reading and stories are so good that I take my afternoon nap at the library. My family includes two cats. I love them! They don’t always feel the same way about me, though. I also love my mom, Amy! I am all about getting out and visiting. I love parks (even more if there are games or activities with lots of new people to meet), going to schools, and even watching parades. My hobbies outside of therapy work include daily walks, chasing tennis balls, hiking, digging out and enlarging gopher holes, cooling off in my plastic kiddie pool, rolling in snow, and collecting rocks. Some of my favorite foods are green beans, carrots, and ice cubes, but the ULTIMATE treat is peanut butter! I never bring peanut butter or treats with nuts to the library, though, in case someone is allergic. 🙂

Do you have a dog you think would make a great reading companion? Contact the Washington County Humane Society here!

Learn more about why it makes sense to Read with Rover HERE.

Reading to Dogs Helps Children Learn to Read
Therapy Dogs Listen to Kids Without Judging Their Mistakes
aired September 18, 2010

By registering your child for this program and giving your child permission to participate, you will be waiving and releasing all claims for injury you and your child might sustain. There are certain risks involved with working with live animals – even ones as well-behaved as our dogs – and you agree to assume the full risk to your child and agree not to hold the West Bend Community Memorial Library or the Washington County  Humane Society liable in any way.